Simple steps – how to find a job

Step 1


Complete the form as soon as possible, regardless of whether you see a job vacancy on our website which might be of interest to you or not.

New vacancies for construction industry professionals from our clients appear every day. What are they? Check here! Do you satisfy the requirements?

There is a large chance that we will contact you soon.

cvIMPORTANT! REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH WITH YOUR CV. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN NORWAY! Make sure you smile on the photograph taken against a white background.

Step 2


Over the course of a telephone interview we will ask you about your professional experience and qualification. It is important for us to find out when you could start work for Clockwork. It is also essential to check you language skills. Such an interview will last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Step 3


Once you successfully complete stage 1 - the telephone interview - we will invite you to come to one of our offices in Kraków, Warsaw or Gdańsk.

This interview should last approximately 2 hours. It is important for us to get to know you, discuss the details of your past employment, qualifications and language skills.

We also want to know what your expectations are in terms of working and living in Norway. At this stage you will also be given an employment contract. For a template of such a contract see here.

Step 4


Our advisors will help you sort out all formalities associated with leaving. Be sure to print off the list of things you need to take with you or sort out prior to departure.

Clockwork will also help you find your first accommodation where you will be able to stay for the first six months whilst working in Norway. Be sure to have a look at the Work in Norway tab - you’ll find lots of useful information there. You will also receive OHS training in Poland.

Step 5


Read through the list of things which you will need to sort out upon arrival in Norway.

OHS training awaits you upon arrival. You will also be able to sign up for a Norwegian course, the costs of which will be partially taken care of by Clockwork. We do hope that you’ll find the flat which we’ve chosen for you comfortable and on par with your expectations. However, shortly, it is worthwhile to start looking for accommodation even better suited to your needs.

Remember that our Polish staff at Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen offices are there to help you with any issue whatsoever.