Dlaczego Clockwork

We belong to the most important organisations

We operate pursuant to the Norwegian labour law (Arbeidsmiljøloven) and have been accredited by the Norwegian Labour Inspection (Arbeidstilsynet). We look after the rights of our workers, and our membership in NHO (an association which stands guard over workers in Norway) attests to that. Our workers are also protected by the construction workers union (tariff…

We offer competitive benefits

We look after our workers with a wide benefits package. During the initial period of your stay in Norway we will also provide a place to live as well as flexibility and additional leave options. We also provide the necessary tools, work clothes and PPE that may be required.

Our employees matter the most

Once employed at Clockwork, workers from Poland have the same rights and duties as Norwegians and are often presented with an opportunity to work in different places and for different clients of our company.