Robert Prajer

“I do what I like in return for a fair wage”

It was his wish to operate tower cranes for as long as he can remember - he saw them first as a young boy. He considers himself to be lucky. “I do what I like in return for a fair wage” - says Robert. He enjoys working in Norway and, at least from his pointy of view, there are no major differences when it comes to deadlines, construction law and working hours. However, there is an important difference between working in Poland and Norway - the wages, significantly higher in Norway. In his opinion, communication is the only problem for Poles. He worked with people from many different countries. If he did not speak English, even at a basic level, that would have been a major issue at such construction sites. He considers life in Bergen to be very good. Especially, when compared to life in Poland. Only the climate is, at times, somewhat arduous.